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Casey Kolderup created some Vim skeleton files to quickly create the YAML frontmatter for the Tumblr Gem.

I really did! If you’re using mwunsch’s awesome Tumblr Gem like I am you might find this useful. After setting this up I wrote a long post last night in MacVim and had no need to consult the documentation for the YAML parameters— I just :!tumblr %'d it straight up to the internet like I was some kind of wizard.

I should point out that I know very little about vim and Tumblr and next to nothing about git, Markdown (which I used to write the README), YAML, Ruby, etiquette, writing, and human interaction, so if you see something awry feel free to make changes or email me or whatever it is you need to do. I’ve already expanded my horizons by actually using my github account.