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Transactional Traffic

All the cars driven will be automated, set to operate under parameters defined rarely and then left to be shared among all of the cars on the road. The owner says how fast they want to go, either absolutely or relative to the speed limit, and cars will decide how to arrange themselves on the highway in order to maximize the efficiency of humanity as a whole.

If a person is passing trucks in the left lane and a car that wants to go considerably faster than that person is approaching from behind, the vehicles will communicate and then, using mathematics, decide whether the slower person should get behind a truck and slow down until they have been passed or the person in back should match the lower speed temporarily until the person in front can move aside.

In the event of a tie, instant and secure peer-to-peer micropayments will be leveraged. The aggressor will be given the option to agree to a contract declared in advance by the more passive party. If accepted, a small fee in the quantity requested will be transferred and both vehicles will make minute adjustments to allow the agreed-upon situation to take place. Some people will gladly make small payments in order to feel aggressive. Others will gladly reap the benefits of allowing those people to have those opportunities.

Lives will be saved, stress will evaporate, trips will be enjoyed.