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Tumblarity Pass

Tumblr feature request.

I was gone for most of the week because my wife had a family emergency. I spent the entire week being a pretty good person for once and came back very tired. When I got home, I found that my Tumblarity had reached the dreaded zero value.

What I would like is for Tumblr to hire a full-time staff person to receive, by fax, hand-written letters from doctors/priests/morticians/etc. in the event of a relative’s death and for that person to verify their authenticity. Once they have been approved, the user’s Tumblarity will be restored upon their return to the value it was when the death occurred.

If this feature is implemented in the future, I will be happy to send a copy of the obituary along with a note from the priest who conducted the funeral I attended today. At that point, I would expect the 1 Tumblarity point I had to be returned to me post-haste.


Casey K