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On People Reading Dialog Boxes

On People Reading Dialog Boxes


“Microsoft’s typical response to bad designs is to add text to explain them. Then, when that doesn’t work, add a text-heavy dialog box to ensure that the user noticed the other text. (I will never stop laughing at that dialog.)”

marco, referencing this.

yes, it seems silly, but you are not considering the large amount of people that LIKE this stuff. seriously.

my mom (and others who are not of the internet generation) LIKE when boxes pop up that tell them what is going on. the annoying vista dialogue boxes that we are so quick to disable? they help her use the computer, as they are intended to do. i know multiple people (who are not related to me) who have shared similar sentiments.

I’ll counter your anecdote with another anecdote. I know plenty of people who are not tech-savvy who get irritated and dismiss dialog boxes without reading them because they assume it will have some technical jargon that they won’t understand. If you want to have a real discussion then use research instead of anecdotes since they obviously aren’t meaningful for things like this.