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Things I Want: A Comic Book iPhone App


Not a comic book reader or comic books on the iphone, those already exist.  I just want an app that keeps me up to date on what comics are coming out when.  I would be allowed to select the books I’m currently reading and it would tell me the next time they are coming out.  It could also suggest comics to read based on what I am currently reading and provide a full list (by publisher maybe) of the comics coming out every week.

I never know what’s coming out and the Marvel site is terrible to navigate so please, someone, make this app.  Hell, I will pay someone to make this app for me and then I’ll buy it on the iTunes store.

Seriously, any iphone developers contact me nerdology project (at) gmail (dot) com.

Comixology makes an iPhone app that does all of this, but all of the iPhone information on their website seems to be for their digital comics reader. Here’s an iTunes link to their print comic tracking app.