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Image Gallery

This weekend I started wondering why I was renewing my Flickr Pro account when I have proven myself capable of writing an image gallery in the past. I took a look around to see if things have changed since I last did it, because the only reason I didn’t just install a pre-existing solution for photo hosting in 2004 was that everything else was really ugly and complicated. I decided I’d rather write it myself and have something ugly and simple. It seems like everything out there is still ugly and complicated (and written in PHP— have people writing web stuff in all of the languages that have become popular in the past 5 years just not been writing image gallery software or am I crazy?) Now I’m thinking of starting from scratch, but maybe I could make it a little less ugly.

I’m not doing comments or multi-user or anything like that. I’ll probably just have one install for myself and another install for Gretchen’s pictures (if she’s interested in upgrading from the crappy old PHP version that I wrote that she currently uses).

What does my image gallery need? What I have so far:

What else?