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Yahoo Might Buy Tumblr, New York's Cutest Startup

Yahoo Might Buy Tumblr, New York's Cutest Startup

I’m really happy for Marco and glad that he’s doing well with Tumblr and blah blah blah, but he comes off as something of a dick in this post. Just because people don’t see what you work on doesn’t mean it’s not important. There’s a guy who writes the thing that manages regional ad clickthrough stats tracking and maybe he likes what he does and works really hard at it and does a good job of it. I mean, I know that that’s not his point but I think it’s poorly phrased and shows off a typical kind of software engineer arrogance that gets under my skin. There are a lot of better ways he could have alluded to Yahoo’s mismanagement of the startups they buy. Instead he just makes me sad.

That said, I’m glad he’s smart enough to not sell to Yahoo.


All of the good stuff always happens when I’m home sick.

I hope they let me work on some of the many exciting projects at Yahoo! Who needs a high rank at a small company in New York? I want to move to California and get stuck in traffic every day on the way to my midlevel engineering job where I sit in a cubicle all day and can’t make any product decisions while working on something nobody will ever see to manage regional ad clickthrough stats tracking.