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Uncov on Arrington's unexpected expectoration

Uncov on Arrington's unexpected expectoration


I think it’s hilarious that some guy spit in Mike Arrington’s face. I think it’s even more hilarious that Arrington thinks he’s somehow spiting the internet by taking a month off from blogging. Take the whole year, Mike!

Arrington’s attitude and style create enemies. While I don’t wish physical harm on anyone (apparently he got some serious threats last year), spitting in your face isn’t an injury: it’s a severe insult. The only harm it has caused is a blow to his dignity and ego. And I think he can spare some.

I hope this makes him a better person, causing him to reconsider his attitude, style, and standards in the future. Maybe he will finally make TechCrunch a worthy publication with quality writing and some semblance of journalistic integrity.

But I doubt it.