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my arms itch all the time because of allergy shots. is some of it imagining things? maybe!

I rely on: Obsidian,, Google Calendar, Fastmail I love: Launchbox, Sonarr, Radarr, Plex, Plexamp

oh no this is just the November Media Report isn't it. Ah well.

I watch Trivia Tower and Arcade Pit so much lol. Somehow Trivia Tower feels like it only comes out twice a year even though it's monthly

I see all these people looking for a Twitter alternative and idk it just makes me feel tired and sad. I cried at one point today and I think it was grief about Twitter and that makes me feel so sad and embarrassed!

Wet Leg was a bust/meme but Dry Cleaning's second album is legit good and I haven't seen anyone talking about it and that makes me sad.

I made a link on my desktop to Rainwave recently, it's a live radio of ocremix stuff and I should really spend more time listening to video game music

in the past two months I've beaten Gitaroo Man and Parappa 1 & 2 and Little Samson and I really like playing retro games!!

I have almost entirely fallen off with the podcast medium and I feel bad but also I don't have a commute and that's fine

I don't have a commute? lol I spend between 2 and 4 hours on a bus every week now but okay. By sometime in March I should be back down to one allergy shot visit per week and that's good.

I want to have a CAVE and I want it to have the computer and the TV/couch setup in the same room. I want to have an HDMI matrix and I want to be able to map video/audio to anywhere I want.

I want an armchair so that I am encouraged to read books lol. I've read more the past 6 months than I used to but the more I read the more I wish I read? Mods?

I like blogging without any pressure but also I have no idea if anyone's out there now that I am so much more offline than I used to be. Is someone there? Let me know ;_;

Gaming report: still play Battlegrounds mode in Hearthstone, though less than I wish I did. Marvel Snap is an interesting distraction but I don't know yet if I'll stick with it. Gretchen and I passed a 420 day streak on the NYT crossword recently, nice. I reached the last few levels of Kirby on Switch and all desire to play it evaporated.

My saturday night group didn't seem to know what to do with Tales of Off-Peak City. I need to find out if I should play the rest of Cosmo D (is that it)'s games by myself or with them.

Nix is a thing I've been investigating at work and I think I should probably invest in learning it more? But it still isn't super clear whether that investment will pay off or not.

Gretchen and I put like 20 hours into Subnautica together before I went to California and I think I lost interest about 12 hours in and I feel kind of bad about it?

Cunk on Earth was amazing.

I binged Welcome to Wrexham. Why?