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Late Night Blogging

Ah geez I gotta get this rolling. It'll be a week tomorrow. So here I am, writing this at the end of a long day. I was going to try to write specific topics and I have a list of them but today has been a lot so here's what I'm going to do for now.

I've been thinking in terms of ~vibes~ lately for whatever reason. Places' vibes, songs' vibes, the vibes I'm feeling around me.

I'm at a weird place and time with work. I've been working a contract job for the past 10 months, a job I thought I'd be doing for 3, and am at a point where I have to look around, for safety's sake. I don't know if I really want to be looking around, but it's the right move at this particular point in time, so I'm looking.

I've locked my Twitter account, I've updated my resume, I've drafted and redrafted and deleted cover letters. I hit the job application process in earnest today. I applied to a number of places, some I have reservations about, but two of them were actually based... on the vibe. I dunno. Is it silly to say I'm an "intuitive person" and leave it at that?

The worst part of applying to jobs is realizing it means you have to actually interview at those jobs. Wish me luck.

There's new Toro y Moi music in the world, and I'm excited about that. The album hits in April.

There's a lot of stress around me right now and that's adding to the general amount of stress I'm feeling, which would otherwise not be a whole lot? Gretchen is very busy with a number of work and school-related things, so I'm trying to take care of stuff around the house, but I have my limits. I've cooked a few meals in the past few weeks, trying to do more than just prepare packaged food or whatever. It's gone okay. I'm not very good at it, because I haven't done it that much. People at work are stressed, and the world is obviously stressed. I don't really know what most of us are looking forward to.

I finished Tamara Shopsin's Laserwriter II over the weekend and started John Darnielle's Devil House. I finished case 2 of Ace Attorney Chronicles and started playing Disco Elysium. I've been really enjoying Obsidian and really frustrated by Wanikani (because my memory is bad). My NYT crossword streak is at 148 and my Wordle streak is at 59.