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A cartoon depiction of the author, wearing a hoodie and smiling

2014: What I Didn't

I did not fulfill my original goals for the year: I did not speak less. I did not lose weight. I did not read mostly the work of women and/or minority authors. I did not feel much regret for these, and that which I did feel was fleeting and/or narcissistic.

I did not practice patience or generosity towards many. I failed especially when it came to being a friend to those I claim as mine.

I did not allow myself kindness towards myself. However, I also was not honest with myself about things that mattered and continue to matter in my life.

I did not always speak up at times when it was right for me to do so. I spoke up far too late in one situation and still struggle with whether I did it correctly on a daily basis.

I did not spend enough time in a world outside of screens. I spent more time aggregating information than I did actually learning from it.

I did not sleep enough. I did not pursue a life that would show me things outside my life as it is thus far lived.

I did accomplish things. I am alive. I face another year. I can do better.