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Task Complete: Toasting the End of @everyword

The Event #

As you may have heard from all the press coverage going around, Allison Parish's bot @everyword finished its task this weekend. Over the course of 7 long years, the bot tweeted through every word in a list of "all" English words, 30 minutes at a time. The write-up on Allison's site is pretty comprehensive, so for the full public story about it, you should read that. The part that most people didn't know about was a plan that was hatched this past winter between me and many of Allison's friends and fans: to host a party, both online and in-person, to spend the day celebrating the success of everyword the way we best know how: by making *more* programming projects inspired by one of the world's first Twitter bots. The resulting output was pretty awesome! We had a really active IRC channel and 10 people stopped by West 3rd Common at some point to celebrate or break out the laptop and work on something cool.

The Result #

Here are all the projects that launched, most of them on Saturday— the speed with which people took to a creative idea inspired by @everyword was pretty incredible! Rather than try to describe all of them in a way the author would prefer, I'll mostly allow the bots to speak for themselves:

I may have forgotten some, in which case I apologize and you should let me know! I also know of a few more in the works, so I'll try to keep this list updated. The day was fun and the output, in terms of code, creative energy, and pure excitement for aparrish and everyword's accomplishment, was really amazing to see. Thanks to everyone who participated and thanks to everyword for an amazing seven years!