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Rock Music

Have you seen these new rock and roll music videos? Hold on, watch both of these. I'll wait: Phoenix - "Trying to Be Cool" Franz Ferdinand - "Right Action"

If you'd ask anyone I've talked to about music in the past year or so, they'd probably tell you that I'm pretty deep down a rabbit hole of pop music. I've been listening primarily to "synthpop" this summer, and the rest I pad out with EDM and hip-hop/EDM-fueled pop music. There has been little room for guitars in my listening preferences. That said, I was really enjoying both of these songs before their music videos came along and then they hit just the right notes— Phoenix sort of one-upping OK Go and also harkening back to They Might Be Giants' "Birdhouse In Your Soul" dance, and Franz Ferdinand doing a tribute to one of the internet's most beloved art styles, vintage Penguin book covers.

They're good songs too. I guess guitars are still okay by me after all.