Here’s an “outtake” from the ZZT Cartography project. It’s the central area in v2.0 of Kudzu, one of the most widely-acclaimed ZZT games of all time, created by the mythic ZZT community figure cly5m.

I didn’t include it in my original post because the failure in my mapping algorithm is pretty evident in such a small and tightly-designed set of boards. What’s happening, basically, is that there is a building in the middle of the screen. You can be outside the building or inside the building; there are passages that lead you up and over the top of the building but also doors that go inside. It all makes perfect sense when you’re playing the game but it’s not something you can just map to a 2D plane— you’d need multiple layers in order to really show the layout of the world.

I still think this image gives you a sense of the wonderful work that cly5m did with color, detail, and design without heavily leaning on gradients as a lot of the later popular ZZT games did. Maybe someday I’ll be able to improve my script in a way that can really adequately represent the awesomeness of Kudzu, but until then, you should maybe just go play it.