Netflix Instant Awesomeness

Over the weekend, Netflix Instant added a huge pile of stuff that’s 100% worth watching. Sometimes I sit around and worry that everything I would talk about on the internet is something that everyone has already seen before and I’m just wasting my time, but I have to remind myself that you never know when you’ll make someone aware of something that they’ve just never taken note of before.

So with that in mind, here are some recommendations:

  • 30 Rock: I mean, you’ve probably seen it, but even if you have, it’s a show worth keeping around just to watch random episodes.
  • Parks & Recreation: If you’re not on board with this show yet then we can’t be friends.
  • Friday Night Lights: This show is great, from the acting to the score to the production. It briefly dips into weird soap opera nonsense in Season Two but it snaps out of it and gets amazing when the show takes a major turn in Season Four.
  • That Mitchell & Webb Look: A really hilarious BBC sketch comedy show that I highly recommend.
  • Malcolm in the Middle: I’m really excited about this, because only Season 1 ever made it onto DVD. Supposedly part of the reasoning was that the music licensing was too expensive, so I wonder if these episodes have been somehow edited or maybe if it just got bundled in some sort of package deal for streaming rights somehow. I have no idea if it will have aged well but I’m willing to revisit it if only to watch Bryan Cranston be super-goofy again.
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: A great series that I’ve never seen all of! I’d rank this right behind The Next Generation in terms of quality Star Trek shows and I’m hoping to eventually watch all of this and finally see the last couple seasons.
  • The Wonder Years: I’m pretty sure we watched all of this on VHS tapes when I was young! How crazy is that?
  • Tron: Legacy: This movie is a really awesome visual spectacle with a fantastic soundtrack and a plot that you can basically just ignore. I’d especially recommend this if you have a good enough internet connection to get the highest-quality version Netflix will stream and a decent TV to watch it on.

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