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Livejournal Refugee: StreetPilot T-1000

I’m rescuing this post from my Livejournal. It was originally written in 2008, during my first stay in Connecticut.

When the Garmin Streetpilot C550 can’t make contact with the satellite for a period of time, it starts getting inquisitive.

This happened on Tuesday. First it asked, “Are you indoors?” I hit “No.” Then it asked, “Are you located in Connecticut, USA?” I hit “Yes.” Finally it popped up with, “Is it 2008/03/10?” I hit “No” and it silently changed something in its tracking equation which allowed it to finally locate the satellite and start tracking where I was driving.

The thing is, I really, really wish that when you respond to that question, a new dialog box would pop up that just says “THEN THERE’S STILL TIME!”

This is why I have decided to become the CEO of Garmin. Thank you for your time.