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My Friends' Two Shoes

Here’s a quick summary of what two of my friends did with their Two Shoes Weekend. Make sure to go check out their full posts for more details!


I asked my inner child what he would make if he had Shoes to play with. Here are my two things:

№ 1. Butt-Touches is a butt-touching simulator and bubble-wrap contender, based on a comic by Ryan Pequin. [download] [code]

№ 2. News In Bed grabs the latest headlines from BBC News and makes them more exciting in bed. [download] [code]


…it took me a little while, but looking back at it the process was actually kind of simple. I hit a road block or two but Casey was always kind enough to take a look & help me figure out what was going wrong. Once the framework was in place I put in all the variables, and there was p.holby’s time saving automatic sartorial selector!

I spend too much time trying to decide what shirt to wear. Too many times I put one on and then decide I’ve got to go with a different one. So I wrote a program that has an inventory of my shirts and will tell me which one to wear. Once that was done I decided to get fancy and wrote a “Sounds good!” button that exits the program and a “That doesn’t match.” button that suggests another shirt. In keeping with my philosophy that choosing is often more important than which choice you make, this program could really help me out.


Program #2[…] is a Mad Libs program! I’d post a screenshot, but I did something a bit different with it and a screenshot would kind of give away what’s going on. So obviously, I’d be pleased as punch if you gave it a shot! [Download]

Peter’s post in particular is a really great read (and I’m not just saying that because he thanks me profusely throughout the whole thing)— he had never programmed before, so you get a real sense of what this whole process was like for someone totally new to the process.

There are a few more stragglers so if I get any more information I’ll make sure to share it here. In the meantime, go out and make some cool stuff or something!