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My 2010 Music in Review

Sorry, Brotherocean. I’m going to keep you in my pocket until you get an American release in 2011, because I just couldn’t bear to take the title away from Plastic Beach. What kind of treatment would that be to Damon Albarn on the eve of him giving us all a totally free followup album whose lead single already undeniably kicks ass?

Anyway, yeah. “Monster” was the obvious pick, of course, for being the first verse in a song whose starting point I memorized (3:39) within hours of first hearing the track because I was going to have to skip back to that on my iPhone, over and over again, because FIRST THINGS FIRST I EAT YOUR BRAINS

15 other tracks I really liked this year:

15 other albums I liked this year:

Lastly, here’s a very low-resolution version of my listening habits from this year, filtering it down only to the music I listened to a lot within a short span of time. (For those curious, “SNES” in this case is the Mother 2 soundtrack, which I was listening to a lot this spring for some reason, and “GBA/DS” is Gyakuten Meets Orchestra, which we played for almost an entire day while playing some serious competitive Clue with visiting friends in October.)