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A cartoon depiction of the author, wearing a hoodie and smiling


Listening to The Books feels like being let in on a secret, like I’m hearing things that no one was supposed to remember or even know about. Even though Lost and Safe didn’t come out until I was in college, for some reason it reminds me of sitting up in my bedroom in high school with the window open, staring out from my bed and feeling the cold air and drinking ice water and realizing that everything had mostly turned out okay; that things had been tough for a few years but I was doing alright and there were exciting things around the corner.

I can’t remember the last time I felt that still and that… aware of where I stood in my life, but I do have albums that have these associations with specific moments and times and thoughts and when I listen to them I wonder who else has listened to them the same way. I hope that they’ve had a chance to sit still and feel okay with their lives too.