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The 2000s: decade in review

2000: Moved into a nice house. Dad got remarried. Went to Disney World for the first time. Kid A was released.

2001: First part-time job, working in an accountant’s office. Played Final Fantasy 9. Got my driver’s license. Got a Dreamcast. Released a ZZT game.

2002: Got a part-time job at Hollywood Video. Went to the state level for violin competitions, both solo and small ensemble.

2003: Went to my first and only high school dance (senior prom). Graduated high school. Started at Purdue. Met Gretchen. Postal Service album released.

2004: Camp Counselor summer. Started my first engineering (part-time) job.

2005: Met Nobuo Uematsu. Played Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. Got my first cell phone. Made a short film with my friends. Moved into an apartment.

2006: Went to Japan. Got a job offer. Camped out overnight for a Wii. Got engaged.

2007: Graduated from college. Moved to Connecticut. Started at my first (and current) fulltime job.

2008: Got an iPhone. Moved back to Indiana temporarily.

2009: Crazy commuting back and forth. Got married. Worked in downtown Chicago. Learned about iPhone development.