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2-Steppin' It

I’ve been in management training this week, learning what it takes to be a manager to software engineers. We spent a lot of time talking about how to give feedback, and it was while examining a lot of (frankly TOTALLY INEFFECTIVE AND USELESS) methods for giving good feedback to your direct reports that I designed the Best Management Feedback Method Ever. It only requires two simple steps, and once you’ve memorized them you know how to give feedback in literally ANY situation you could find yourself. Here are the two steps:

  1. "You know what you did."
  2. "Just stop it."

Got it?

Effective use of my Best Management Feedback Method Ever will involve different combinations of these two steps depending on the employee and the situation. Sometimes you may find it’s best to start off with the “Just stop it”. In other situations, you’ll want to try four “You know what you did”s, using various tones/inflections, before resorting to the “Just stop it.” Sometimes, you can get away with sending a simple email. Subject: “You know what you did.” Body: “Just stop it.”

If you’re interested in learning more, I’ll be releasing my first book, “You Know What You Did”, by the end of the calendar year on Harper Collins. The followup, “Just Stop It”, and the “You Know What You Did” audiobook will follow in 2011.

I am currently considering Bradley Cooper to play me in the “You Know What You Did” movie. If anyone has his representation’s number please let me know.