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Hallowax 2008

My Canadian rap hero Jesse Dangerously has put together a few Halloween mixtapes. The first one I heard was actually just an episode of his radio show “The Pavement”, but somewhere along the way I lost my MP3 of that episode. Last year he put together a great mix but didn’t post it until November 2, but this year we have last year’s mix to listen to! You can download the whole thing as one mega-MP3 and if you like it why not go buy one of his records, like Inter Alia or Verba Volant? That would be a cool way to thank him plus you’d have a great album!

If you want a full tracklist, it can be found below but if you’re going to listen you shouldn’t look just yet because there are some awesome surprises in store that you might not want to ruin for yourself!

Rick Wakeman - Shear [sic] Terror
Juggaknots - Loosifa
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Satan Said Dance
Holocaust - Sinister
Sampson, Jokez, Nokes, Zach & Jesse D - Crazymen
Gravediggaz - Zig Zag Chamber
Sixtoo - Caukazoid Germ
Buck 65 - Chip Chop
Lovage - Archie & Veronica
Goodie Mob - Cell Therapy
Method Man - The Riddler
Brother Ali - Sleepwalker
Thirstin Howl III - Watch Deez
THEM - It’s Them
Governor Bolts - Teenage Angst
Buck 65 - Pack Animal
Dr Octagon - Halfsharkalligatorhalfman
Ghost Bees - Erl King
"Weird" Al Yankovic - Nature Trail To Hell
Sampson, EMC & Joe Buck - C’est l’Hallowe’en
Kool Keith & Noggin Noddaz - Sly We Fly
DJ Vadim - Lord Forgive Me
Cage - Lord Have Mercy
Non-Phixion - Cult Leader
Masta Ace Inc - Slaughtahouse
Automator & Kool Keith - Cartoon Caper
Aesop Rock - Mars Attacks
The Gothic Archies - Scream And Run Away
DJ Signify & Sage Francis - Haunted House Party
Recyclone - Magic
Joey Beats & Cunninglinguists - Hellfire
Jesse Dangerously & Toolshed - Butchershop Quartet
Prince Paul & Kool Keith - Weapon World
Swollen Members, Saafir & Big Nose - Valentine’s Day Massacre
Arsonists - Hallowe’en
Buck 65 - Hallowe’en
Camp Lo - Negro League
Toolshed - Borderlines
Gravediggaz - 1-800-SUICIDE
Fu-Schnickens - Visions 20/20
Wu-Tang Clan - Careful (Click, Click)
Rubberoom - Evil Archangels 2
Tri-Pinnacle/Antipop - Melted Wax
ONYX & Biohazard - Judgement Night
Geto Boys - My Mind Is Playing Tricks On Me
Sway & Tech - The Anthem
LL Cool J - Deepest Bluest
ginzuintriplicate - Bite The Hand
The Mighty Trans-Ill-Vanians - Aberdeen Stranglas
B-Real, Coolio, LL Cool J & Busta Rhymes - Monstarrs
Gravediggaz - Tales From The Dark Side
Everlast - Shook Ones pt.II
Shaquille O’Neal, RZA & Method Man - No Hooks
P.O.S. - Crispin Glover
Red Ants - Keep Your Satellites Out Of My Brain
Dert Roads - Bring Out Your Dead
House Of Pain - Back From The Dead
Dangerdoom featuring Ghostface - The Mask
Mick Smiley - Magic
Bobby Brown Posse - On Our Own
DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Then She Bit Me
Edan & Percee P - Torture Chamber
Method Man - Judgement Day (instrumental)
Tears For Fears - Mad World
Lords of the Underground - Psycho
Boom Bip & Buck 65 - The Unthinkable (remix)
Blanche - Superstition