My biggest complaint about Things, both the desktop and iPhone versions, is that I can’t change the time at which a new day “rolls”. I frequently stay up after midnight, and last night I made the mistake of opening up the iPhone app after midnight to add something while I remembered it. At that point it was technically Sunday, so Things queued up all of the tasks I had scheduled for Sunday. From then on when I picked up my iPhone to use the iPod app before bed, I would see that big red badge and freak out because there’s so much to do and it’s the middle of the night.

I want to be able to change it so that things scheduled for a particular day don’t get moved in until a particular hour. For me, I’d probably set it at 6am.

I know that the real solution here is to learn real discipline and not let a computer program control how stressed out I get about my life, but… um… shut up.