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Summer Reading List

This is probably like showing your hand or giving away the secret to an illusion or something but my wife asked me to list some of my favorite RSS feeds to follow and it’s not like you wouldn’t be able to piece it together if you just looked at the stuff I share on here and on Google Reader over a long enough period of time. So below is a list of interesting feeds that are currently in my reading list, which fluctuates rapidly over time but currently contains around 400 feeds.

(A sidenote before some of you flip out that I subscribe to that many feeds: almost 50 of those feeds haven’t updated in 2009 and probably at least as many have only updated once or twice in the past six months, though, so although I read a lot (I also skim entire folders’ worth of feeds in Google Reader’s List View) I should point out that a significant portion of that number is inactive feeds that I am holding onto in hopes that they will some day begin updating again (RIP Error Macro; never forget)).

Anyway! Enough qualifying; on with the show:

  1. Brand New - an interesting blog about branding
  2. chainsawsuit - a great webcomic with very few continuity requirements
  3. collision detection - interesting writing about technology and culture
  4. Daring Fireball - the best Mac blog, hands down
  5. Double Buffered - my friend’s inside perspective as a developer in the video game industry
  6. ignore the code - an interesting blog about User Interfaces (among other things)
  7. Ironic Sans - a blog full of funny and interesting original content
  8. - the web’s three finest curators, the trifecta of internet goings-on
  9. - a good blog mostly about tech stuff from Tumblr’s lead engineer
  10. Nedroid Picture Diary - an amazing web comic full of brilliant humor
  11. Offworld - my favorite of the video game news blogs with a much stronger focus on indie gaming but covering most of the important stories about mass-market stuff too
  12. Rands in Repose - a great writer about technology and nerd culture, as well as teamwork/organization/that sort of thing
  13. Gamespite - a collective of people who frequently write thoughtful things about video games
  14. Dinosaur Comics - a genius webcomic
  15. Pictures for Sad Children - a strange webcomic
  16. Stories of Intrigue - my friends’ brilliant parodies of bad creative writing students, fanfic, and the like
  17. GamOvr - an interesting blog that highlights interesting images from around the world of video gaming

That’s enough for now I think! I plan on updating my list of podcasts that I subscribe to soon so expect that sometime this week. My goal is to start writing again for my other blogs, me@LJ and Top Ghost, since I’ve been using this one so much recently.