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Captivated By Their Audacity, Perhaps

In my office building our elevators are outfitted with LCD screens displaying boring crap from the CAPTIVATE Network meant to give everyone a place to stare instead of having to awkwardly avoid eye contact. Of course, the screen is mounted about 6.5 feet in the air and to one side of the elevator doors (obviously), so you end up with huge groups of people staring towards one corner of the car, which is kind of awkward and weird in its own surreal way, but whatever.

Frequently they will feature a “word of the day” among their movie theater-style factoids. Their website describes the feature:

Often described as one of the most addictive features on Captivate Network, our Word of the Day will challenge, entice and maybe even make you giggle.

A new word is placed on the Captivate Network each and every day. And incase you missed it, we have them all archived here.

Go ahead and use today’s word in a business meeting today. We dare you.

Today’s is “fandango”, with the definition being “a kind of Spanish dance”. The example sentence is as follows:

When Bianca told her date she wanted to do a fandango, he mistakenly took her to the movies.

Is it just me, or is the Fandango brand name not so prevalent that this would ever happen? Doesn’t this just seem like some kind of terribly shoe-horned marketing for the movie ticket broker? Who would say “I want to do a Fandango” as a way of saying they want to go to the movies?