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The single biggest advantage I’ve gained by switching to Yojimbo is that I actually use it. For any little thought or tidbit of information I want to remember, I create a new Yojimbo note. The result, now that I’ve accumulated several years worth of notes, occasionally amazes me. It’s like having a mind with an unfailing memory (which I most decidedly do not possess). Just one example, from earlier this week: I wear two-week disposable contact lenses, and, after making my first appointment with a new optometrist, realized that I threw away the box from my last pair without noting the exact brand and model. I check in Yojimbo with a search for “contact lens”, and, yes, there it is, from November 2007: Bausch and Lomb Optima FW (SofLens 38).

Daring Fireball: Untitled Document Syndrome

This whole thing is really good. Go read it.