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I’m sure Hulu is totally pissed. They pretty much said just that in a somewhat more stilted way. The real insult, though, is calling the people who made them cut Boxee off “content providers.” They might as well have told the studios they are the moral equivalent of the guy schlepping reels around the projector booth. Someone will win this war eventually, they seem to be saying, and you could have helped make it us. Now you have a choice: someone else — not you, someone smart — will win instead, or you can change your mind.

Hulu’s Superbowl Ad and the Boxee Fight - O’Reilly Radar

A great article that I think exposes just how big a deal the Hulu/Boxee situation is. I thought Boxee’s interface was horrible and avoided it because of that but it was a step in the right direction; last I checked Vizio was going to start selling TVs with Hulu support built in. I wonder if that’s still going to happen?